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OLIVERS' Transit Sweats Don't Need Wearing In

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"Our new sweats collection doesn’t need wearing in," starts OLIVERS. "They're softer than your favorite hoodie and more comfortable than your favorite sweatpants—when it arrives at your door."

It's a bold statement from one of our favorite brands but one that's backed by a long history of outstanding athletic-focused basics and a knack for finding amazing fabric. This time? The perfect blend of Merino and cotton.

As qualified for a long morning run or pickup soccer game as they are for the laziest Sundays where the only things that matter are the RedZone channel and your fantasy football scores, these are a true dual threat and a worthwhile addition to any wardrobe that needs quality, handsome sweats that are less fashion, more utility. Wash and wear, people.

Starting today, they'll be offering both the hoodie and sweatpants at $20 off the regular price during a special 48 hour "presale" window, though the products will ship immediately. Starting Sept. 8, they'll be back to full retail. Truthfully, we have no idea why they do this, but why question such a good thing....?