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Meet the Super-Soft Merino Wool Sweater for the Not-so-Warm Weather Ahead

It's hard to imagine at the moment, but cooler weather is just around the corner. And as usual, when it comes to advance planning in sartorial matters, Taylor Stitch has our back. 

Their innovative crowdfunding model means you pre-order the items you need for the coming season and save a bundle in the process—not to mention upping your handsomeness quotient into the bargain.

Case in point: the brand's new merino wool Everett Sweater. Merino wool comes from Merino sheep, known for their fine, soft fleece. Woven into yarn and then made into a sweater, Merino wool delivers beautiful depth and texture without the bulk. It also naturally boosts temperature regulation and odor resistance.

In the 14-gauge Taylor Stitch used for the Everett, it’s cozy enough to stand up to even the harshest winter weather. Its tricolor knit—the brand calls it "Black Birdseye"—has a pleasing 3D effect, while solid ribbing at the collar, cuffs, and hem keep the silhouette tidy.

The finished piece "boasts an unbelievably soft hand feel," similar to cashmere but sturdier. Which is why once this knitwear marvel "is in your rotation, you’ll want to keep it there forever." And luckily like all T.S. gear, it's built to go the distance.