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Taylor Stitch Releases Its Amazing 'Heavy Bag' Tees in Fresh Stripes for Summer

We first wrote about the revolutionary Heavy Bag tees by Taylor Stitch last year, and it was only a matter of time before the S.F.-based apparel artisans moved it up a notch on the evolutionary scale. Hence the on-point introduction of two new classic striped versions just as temps are starting to get springlike. 

These are not your run-of-the-mill blue and white numbers; rather the T.S. crew has opted for some darker and more complex hues that won't leave you looking like you jumped ship or escaped from the dishwashing crew of a cut-rate oyster bar.

And they pack the same heavy-duty construction and out-of-the-box softness that fans of the Heavy Bag line of knits have come to know and love. Taylor Stitch's artisans sew each and every one from custom developed textiles made entirely from upcycled and recycled yarns that are shredded and re-spun for a product that's 100% waterless, saving about 1200 gallons of H20 along the way.

But note that the new Heavies, in a grey micro-stripe and a dark Cyprus triple-stripe, are part of a small-batch run that won't last forever, especially at only $45 a pop – so don't sleep on 'em is our advice....