The Ultimate Summer-Ready, Indoor/Outdoor Slipper Is Finally Restocked

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Whether it's taking out of the trash or taking out the dog, you'll always end up wearing your slippers outdoors. It's impossible to avoid, no matter how hard you try. And though there are plenty of options that can handle in-and-out use, Greys' new slipper is built for it.

That's all thanks to the grippy rubber sole that provides plenty of traction and stub-proof toe box that protects your feet from any accidental dangers. Mix that with the modern silhouette and you have a slipper that won't make you feel like a slob when you run across the street to your local coffee shop or pick up a few things from the grocery market. 

And don't worry, the cozy factor is still strong despite the construction and durability, as the upper is made from a temperature-regulating wool blend that's naturally breathable, odor-resistant, and moisture-wicking. So all the comfort you want and deserve, none of the raised eyebrows for wearing "elf shoes" outside the living room.

And though it sold out quickly last season, it (finally) got a full restock right here.