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Five Great Shoes & Sneakers to Get Spring Off to a Running Start

One advantage of spring's more amenable climate is that you needn't worry about your shoes getting ruined every time you step out of the house. We think this in itself is sufficient reason to buy a new pair or two to celebrate the occasion. 

But in case you need more of an incentive here are five good reasons to go from shoddy to well-shod:

Common Projects Suede Chelsea Boots, $500

The kings of the minimalist sneaker, Common Projects have recently expanded their offerings into men's wardrobe staples like the Chelsea boot, shown here in taupe suede. Their signature numeric code on the side is also a subtle signal to the style-conscious.

Vor Night Blue 1B Sneakers, $360

Made in Germany, these midnight blue kicks are crafted with premium full grain leather, matching calfskin leather lining and rubber sole and midnight blue waxed laces. Of course, you could just wear black like everybody else.

CQP Racquet Sneakers, $335

Snuff brown suede is a menswear move that you'll want to master immediately if you haven't already done so. It has the advantage of looking good with everything and though these sneaks may need a little extra care, it's well worth the effort. 

Common Projects Suede Achilles Low, $390

Common Projects' Achilles low-top sneaker is so iconic by now it should be in the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection. The original was made of basic white leather but this version in navy suede ups the ante considerably. 

Grenson Hand-Painted Calf Sneakers, $225

The trend for sartorially-minded sneakers may have reached its apex in these stunners from 150-year-old British brand Grenson. In all that time they've never made sneakers before, so this is a well-considered offering to be sure. The hand-painted finish gives these instant patina.