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These Recovered Japanese Selvage Jeans Blend Organic and Recycled Cotton

When Taylor Stitch sets out to reinvent something, the process takes several years and there is never just a single solution. Hence we've now seen several episodes of the S.F.-based apparel artisans' denim saga and it keeps getting better.

We speak of Yamaashi Orimono Recover Selvage, their latest sartorial innovation. Yamaashi Orimono of Okayama, Japan is one of the world's most esteemed fabric mills, doing things the old school way for more than 80 years.

Taylor Stitch collaborated with them on the unique blend of cotton, organic cotton, and recycled denim that earned the Recover Selvage moniker, which the style gurus have sewn into both slim jeans and "democratic" jeans – i.e. looser fitting – for starters.

At 12-oz, "they’re lightweight enough to wear on warmer days but still sturdier than your average jeans," the brand notes. Close examination reveals these denims have "lighter weft yarns in muted blue" courtesy of the recycled denim scraps used to make them. 

The end result: "timeless, utility-focused design, peerless construction, and a perfected silhouette." And if you think they look nice now, just wait until you’ve had a chance to break them in.