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Later Alligator: The Polo Shirt Has Finally Been Perfected

Innovative British clothing brand L'Estrange London believes men's apparel should be beautifully designed, effortlessly elegant, and incredibly versatile. 

Simply splashing a logo all over a piece of clothing doesn't make it better; in fact, the opposite is frequently true. So don't look for any kitschy symbols or little animals stitched onto the front of their newest creation, the Polo Shirt.

A deceptively simple name for a near-perfect garment, the polo's most fundamental upgrade is strong but super-soft organic cotton. This makes it not only better for the wearer but the environment.

Then there are the painstaking fine points that go into making this a masterful exercise in understated elegance: hidden buttons, luxurious raised collar detailing, split sides, a tailored but not tight fit, ideal sleeve length and the perfect pique knit.

It comes in both navy blue and classic white, designed to be a standout when worn on its own or under a cardigan, jacket or blazer. 

L'Estrange London's aim is to have you feeling neither overdressed nor underdressed, but always exactly right. To do it without constantly changing your clothes requires perfection of form rarely seen outside of high-end designer pieces carrying equally lofty price tags, but these polos are a slam dunk.

And like all of their products you get express delivery, hassle-free returns, and a one-year guarantee with every purchase, because they're that good.