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It’s an hour from midnight, and you just decided to start packing for your winter trip. The suitcase comes down, the dopp kit comes out, and then you open the coat closet. Placing your favorite winter jacket into the suitcase, it hits you. With the insulated jacket snuggly packed away, you suddenly only have room for strategically placed underwear and socks. Option 1: you wear your hoodie, sweater, and jacket onto the plane and sweat to save room. Option 2: you freeze to death. Or, I’m happy to report, option 3: you avoid the entire dilemma with a winter jacket that delivers the same warmth as a Gore-Tex insulated jacket but with 30% less material and 25% less weight.

The brains behind LifeLabs have made this possible. The same team that cooked up the MegaWarm Jacket, the world’s (actual) warmest jacket, has put their science to work in creating the ultimate travel-ready winter jacket. Using a cutting-edge metallic nano-coating to reflect body heat directly back onto the skin without sacrificing breathability, the WarmLife Jacket brings the heat without the bulk. Making it the lightest and most packable option you’ll find for under $200 USD. And because sustainability is the core principle at LifeLabs, you can rest assured that the WarmLife Jacket has a small footprint not only in your suitcase.

Like any travel piece worth its weight, versatility abounds. The unisex minimalist silhouette is a modern mid-length style that would fit in just as well upstate as downtown. The lining is a ripstop nylon, inside which a mesh pocket and a secure zip pocket are sewn for valuables. The sleeves are finished with a soft knit for comfort, and a hood is fitted to the collar for when you need some extra warmth or just privacy for an airport lounge nap. Finally, the PFC-free DWR treatment offers water resistance to keep you dry through rain delays without the use of forever chemicals.

Before you book your next trip, save some space and stay warm with the Unisex WarmLife Jacket from LifeLabs