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The Classic Oxford Shirt Gets Re-Engineered

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Your typical Oxford shirt tends to be rather...rigidity. This is thanks to the typically tight basketweave technique used when making the classic garment. And in 2021, with comfort at the forefront and technology-focused fabrics changing the game, it can't help but feel dated every time you put it on. 

At the same time, however, the piece is essential in just about every way. A wardrobe needs it, unable to rely solely on hoodies and t-shirts. 

So, what's the move?

Well, British menswear label L'Estrange London took a crack at it with their latest release by loosening the fibers for a softer and smoother feel that's heavy on comfort. They also added stretch, providing the right amount of flexibility while maintaining its structure and natural feel.

Lighter than traditional Oxfords, the shirt has a slim but not restrictive fit and washes, irons, and steams easier than your less innovative alternatives.

Add it to the wardrobe here in your choice of white or light blue.