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Think the Oxford Button-Down Can't Be Improved? Think Again.

Leave it to Taylor Stitch to reinvent something we thought had no more lives left: the classic oxford cloth button-down. There are two facets to The Jack in Navy University Stripe, the S.F.-based apparel artisans' latest impeccable offering.

The first is the fit, finish, and tailoring. The collar might have been measured in millimeters, the proportions are so precise. In an oxford these days you don't want one of those odd-looking undersized collars, but nor do you want something too blown out. This one is perfect and complements the tailored fit.

Speaking of which, it's neither too tight nor too baggy, while the shorter length gives you leeway to wear it untucked without looking sloppy.

Taylor Stitch calls the stunning shirt 'rugby' weight, meaning it's both tough and soft. But where they've really started a revolution is in making it from 100% organic cotton. It's more expensive to do it this way, which is why you won't see another one like it, but it's also much, much better for the environment.

Which is something we can no longer afford to ignore, even when it comes to menswear. And the pattern is a classic blue and white stripe, while the innovative fabric means it looks just as good pressed as it does pulled off the back of a chair.