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This Organic Cotton Indigo Button-Down Is a Wardrobe Workhorse

Maybe you've heard the term "dobby" before, but you probably don't know exactly what it means. Any man truly interested in the fine points of style however should get familiar with both its definition and the actual thing.

In short, dobby is a fabric produced on the Dobby loom, which dates to the 1840s and creates textures and patterns in the cloth by controlling the warp (lengthwise) threads during the weaving process. When done using a single color thread the effect is subtle yet compelling, adding visual and tactile interest. 

And when it comes to using heritage techniques like this to create contemporary wardrobe workhorses, Taylor Stitch is second to none. Case in point: their cool new California shirt in indigo dobby

The California is one of the S.F.-based apparel artisans' signature shirting silhouettes, which they've now produced endless riffs on, each one better than the next. The combination of the dobby weave and the indigo dye on their latest home run takes on more character with each wear and wash, as the texture emerges and the indigo shows highs and lows.

"Beautiful off the hanger but even more stunning as you make it yours," the brand notes, "each shirt will tell a story as unique as its owner."