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Mad for Plaid: Live Your Best Season With These Organic Cotton Chamois Flannel Shirts

When Taylor Stitch first created the Yosemite Shirt it was nothing short of a sartorial revolution. The result of a "multi-year effort to create the perfect outdoor men's shirt," it's constructed of the softest, thickest chamois flannel in the world, made from 100% organic cotton.

Heavy duty and perfectly brushed, it never pills and just gets better with age. Chamois was originally named for a kind of goat leather that’s extremely soft and porous, and the cotton version approximates that texture. 

To make this new version in blue and white tartan, cotton fibers are dyed and woven into plaid fabric, then double-brushed, which "opens them up to create more surface area which is softer on the skin," as well as creating air pockets to trap heat and keep out the wind.

The color combination lends this piece a distinctive holiday flair, the brand notes. And last but not least, be aware that "one way to gauge the value of a plaid shirt is if the patterns match up on the placket and pocket–and this one does."