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Here's the Non-Corny Holiday Sweater You Need in Your Life

Cheesy sweaters clad with Santa and Frosty are not only run-of-the-mill and boring but go hand-in-hand with the "funny" guy who has one too many at the office Christmas party. Thankfully, Everlane has a better way to get in the spirit with their new merino wool sweaters inspired by vintage ski culture.

The two styles are made of thick, super-soft, 100% extra-fine merino wool yarn (spun in Italy) with intricate jacquard-knit stitching for those crisp December nights. Paired perfectly with crisp black trousers or denim jeans, these say "be like me" more than "look at me."

An extremely limited run (less than 600 total) of these patterned raglan crews are in stock right now, so get moving and grab one before they're gone.