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These Jacquard Weave Shirts Are Building Blocks for the Best-Dressed List

When it comes to getting the fabric to make clothing with, there's sourcing, and then there's milling. The former, no matter how difficult or far you have to go, is taking something that already exists and using it for your own ends. The latter is creating something bespoke, i.e. from scratch that's yours and yours alone.

We'll give you one guess as to which method Taylor Stitch prefers. And the S.F.-based apparel artisans, who have already done so much with hemp, beeswaxed cotton and featherweight denim, are just getting warmed up.

Their latest custom-milled marvel comes in the form of jacquard weave shirts, a retro-inspired fabric rendered in organic cotton tailored in a contemporary cut that's anything but old-fashioned.

The texture of jacquard, named after the looms invented in France in 1804 which used punched cards to create complex patterns in one of the earliest forms of "computer programming", is exactly the mix of tradition and innovation Taylor Stitch has become known for. 

Now the style gurus have sewn up a batch of their popular California shirts in olive green and charcoal jacquard, which has never been done with 100% organic, i.e. pesticide-free, cotton before now.

Jacquard is innately sartorial thanks to its intricate texture, and anyone wearing such a garment is automatically going to look a lot more stylish than the next guy. A better shirt, responsibly built for the long haul – and a stone cold steal at $86.40 apiece if you pre-order now