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Embrace the Holiday Spirit With This Luxe Sock Pack

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After trying my first pair of Bombas, I was instantly hooked. Like most guys, I had a hodgepodge of socks from different brands. They weren't bad. But they weren't anything. They just did their job in the most mediocre way possible, like C students with an attitude problem. But my pair of Bombas instantly became my go-to favorites. So much so, that I went all-in and replaced the majority of my top drawer with these things, from dress to athletic. The quality and comfort are for real.

For the holidays this year, they've released a fleet of super cool designs that welcome the winter fun, from vintage-inspired ski socks to subtle holiday patterns. Less Santa's-little-helper, more what-James-Bond-is-wearing-at-a-snow-covered-lodge-in-the-Alps. 

In a world where every other upstart is trying to crack the code for the perfect underwear – podcast addicts have probably listened to 12,000 MeUndies and Mack Wheldon live reads a piece – Bombas is quietly building a sock empire you can't argue with. Snag a few of the holiday socks today and let the good times roll. You can even get 20% off with the code HOLIDAY2017.