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How to Look Like a Million Bucks at Your Holiday Party

Impress coworkers, friends, and that pretty girl you have your eye on.
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It's the holiday season. Weather is cold. Presents are to be bought. Eggnog is to be consumed. And holiday parties are frequent.

Whether you host a Gatsby-style affair each year or your office goes all out with a party that would make most fraternities jealous, looking good is always challenging. You want to look festive but not too festive and you don't want to break open the piggy bank on an outfit you can only get away with wearing once or twice. 

So here's your answer: The Black Tux's Holiday Collection.

Far from the place you rented your prom tux from, The Black Tux specializes in luxurious custom-tailored formalwear rentals at an affordable price point. 

Only an insane man would drop over a grand (plus tailoring fees) on a crazy Blackwatch plaid jacket or a Split Tartan tuxedo for a holiday party, so getting in and out for just $145 is the way to do it

Wear. Let the compliments roll in. Send back. You can thank us for the tip later.