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Five Reasons to Invest in a Pair of Hermès Sneakers

We'd advise spending too much on the dad sneaker craze, wherein designers have taken what was once the ugliest sport shoes imaginable and made them objects of desire. Some are intriguing in their own ways but most are likely to leave you with a very expensive pair of clown shoes once tastes have moved on.

The iconic French luxury fashion house Hermès has wisely taken some of the key features of the hot new kicks and rendered them in much more subtle ways this season, so if you're set on dropping four figures on a pair of sneakers, we'd highly recommend one of their instant classics.

With the same gorgeous leather used on their signature accessories and impeccable finishing and details like glove-soft goatskin insoles and linings, unlike most these are well worth the money. Here are our top five:

Rebus Sneaker

This is as close to a dad sneaker as Hermès gets, but they've toned it down just enough and stuck to an elegant palette of grey, white, black and blue. 

Trail Sneaker

The cheerful pop of color on these kicks is a guaranteed mood-elevator, and they hew more to the classic sneaker style while offering an on-trend patchwork vibe.

Turn Sneaker

Classic saddle leather—Hermès began as a saddle maker—gives these a timeless look, while the chunky soles are a just-enough nod to the current trend.

Team Sneaker

Hermes' take on the knit kick comes in five colors including their signature orange and features a cool repeating-H pattern on the outside of the chunky rubber soles.

Verso Ankle Boot

Want to go all black? Hermès has you covered with these minimalist calfskin hightops that are elegant enough to wear with a suit, should you so desire.