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Five Stylish Hand Soaps That Go Above and Beyond

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Whether fair or not, you can always judge a home by its candles and hand soap. For help with the latter, we rounded up a few of our favorite options that do it right, each from under-the-radar brands:

Frama Hand Wash, $40

Frama delivers an aromatic cleansing experience that will leave your hands feeling refreshed and soft, not dry. Bonus point for the custom colored Italian glass bottle.

Homme Hand Soap, $25

Homme utilizes charcoal to absorb toxins and B-vitamins to soothe, repairing hands in a satisfying manner. The scent is also quite impressive, delivering the sensation of clean air on a chilly Nordic morning.

Jack Henry Cleanse+ Wash, $38

California grooming brand Jack Henery calls this "superfood for your skin" thanks to prebiotic sea extracts and hydrating botanicals that go above and beyond. One of the most interesting fragrance-free options, it's best used as a hand wash but doubles as a face wash and triples as a shampoo if you're in a pinch.

Tangent GC Cedar Soap, $19

Housed in a minimalistic bottle and priced to move, this organic option from Tangent GC is crafted from pure vegetable oils and delivers an elegant and masculine scent.

Compagnie de Provence Liquid Marseille Delicate Soap, $19

Another affordable option arrives from Compagnie de Provence, which offers an extremely lightweight and gentle hand soap for those who prefer a more delicate wash. If you hate when soap gets trapped under your wedding band, this is the move.