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This Full-Zip Boldly Goes Where No Fleece Has Gone Before

The inspiration for Taylor Stitch's latest evolutionary piece of clothing is California's famed Truckee River, the idyllic locale for hiking and rafting and home to Squaw Valley where the 1960 Winter Olympics were held – in other words, emblematic of everything the brand loves about the great outdoors.

Which is were the Truckee Jacket, their elevated take on the much-maligned fleece, belongs (though we won't tell if you just wear yours indoors). The limited edition full-zip is made from one of T.S.'s wonder fabrics, in this case, a 12.5-oz. recycled polyester blend that's beefier and easily outperforms traditional fleece fabrics.

Add to that side handwarmer pockets, ribbed cuffs, a nylon reinforced yoke and sleeve patches, it verges on being "overbuilt", but that just means it'll keep going when everything else in your closet has called it quits. And the color is the perfect shade of moss green.

"Whether you're using it as a camping pillow, throwing it over the shoulders of a loved one while huddled around the fire, or slipping it on after a day of shredding double black ski runs," as Taylor Stitch notes, the Truckee should never be out of arm's reach.