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Our Favorite Fall Sweater is Back in Even Cooler Colors

"A stylish triumph over the elements"—our initial assessment of Taylor Stitch's essential Fisherman Sweater when it was first introduced is even more apt now, as the brand has just re-issued it in some killer new colors for fall. 

The genius of this 100% Merino wool marvel is that it's woven using a "fisherman's rib" stitch creating volume and stability without sacrificing comfort. It also gives it the perfect measure of depth and texture without bulk.

Merino is not only significantly softer than regular wool, but it naturally regulates the body's temperature—be it hot or cold—and wicks moisture as well, making this a key piece beyond a single season.

Available for pre-order now, it's better than ever in loden green and a light grey ash heather, both designed to pair perfectly with your autumnal wardrobe. 

"This year has been a bit of a rollercoaster," as Taylor Stitch notes, "so we're extra happy to have this cozy, chunky sweater to look forward to as we're crossing the finish line." Amen.