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Arvin Goods Redefines What Makes a Really Good Sock

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Socks, typically, aren't wonderful to the environment.

Each pair on average takes 50+ gallons of freshwater to create.

Plus, 85% of used socks end up as landfill waste. 

It ain't pretty, or responsible. But Arvin Goods is here to shake things up with its collection of ultra-comfy socks that not only feel great to wear but put the environment first.

"To make that happen, we use a manufacturing process that’s as efficient as it is responsible," they note. "We use recycled and/or discarded apparel scraps to create the softest and comfiest socks around. The process requires almost zero water, and no harmful chemicals or dyes. It also works really, really well."

The brand offers a bunch of different styles and staples: crew socks, casual socks, performance socks, and more. Various colorways are available too, each priced to move.

Check out all your options here.