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Taylor Stitch's New Dry Wax Ripstop Jacket Is Essential for Town and Field

The lads at Taylor Stitch have just saved the day, sartorially speaking, by bringing back one of our favorite fall jackets of all time. The Rover Jacket looks like a classic piece of British-inspired outerwear, but naturally, the S.F.-based apparel artisans have added some next-level enhancements.

For starters, it's made of organic cotton dry wax canvas, the latest in their arsenal of miracle fabrics. And it features a unique ripstop weave to prevent tearing. 

The cloth was specially-developed with Scotland's storied Halley Stevensons, makers of the world's finest waterproof fabrics. Their bespoke dry wax process avoids the occasionally sticky texture of heavier wax treatments, the brand notes—in fact, "it's barely noticeable, right up until the storm breaks."

Finished in a dapper slate grey, the Rover features a super-soft 10-oz moleskin lining, gusseted snap pockets, antique brass hardware throughout, including grommet vents at the armpits, and recycled polyester fill in the sleeves for added warmth and abrasion resistance.

Equipped with one of these beauties, the possibilities for adventure are literally endless, whether you're in town, in the field, or traveling between the two.