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Dundee, on the east coast of Scotland, is not exactly known for its amazing weather. But it is known for Halley Stevensons, the world's leading manufacturers of waxed cotton and weatherproof canvas, established there in 1864. The ideal partner for the perfectionists at Taylor Stitch, the S.F.-based apparel artisans, when it came time to make a waterproof jacket that goes above and beyond.

That'd be the Bomber Jacket in Navy Dry Wax, stylish and sturdy but not blousy or bulky. The bomber jacket has transcended its military origins survived more than half a century’s worth of evolving tastes, as Taylor Stitch crew notes, making it a natural for one of their impeccable experiments in reimagined icons. 

"Fans of our past collaborations with Halley Stevensons know what to expect here," they note. "A unique and highly functional weather-proofed garment that keeps you dry, cozy, and looking sharp." And the custom-developed 9-oz dry waxed cotton is 100% organic, meaning no planets were harmed in its construction.

Setting it off are signature T.S. touches like antique brass YKK snaps and two-way zipper, hand-warming pockets and S.F. map print pocket detailing. 

Bombs away....