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Outside of maybe a leather jacket, tailored tuxedo or the perfect pair of sunglasses, no guy looks cooler than when he's in a slim-fit denim shirt.

It's a little Western and a little rock and roll. Riding horses in Montana? Fits the bill. Taking your girl out somewhere nice in the city? This work. It's versatile – a sartorial chameleon that can slide in and out of any circumstance without a second thought. 

There are plenty of good options around but none that are priced like this looker from the SF-based team at Everlane.

The soft yet substantial indigo-dyed denim twill feels great on the body and the fit is just right – slim but not too slim.

Priced at only $58 and available in a few different washes, getting one or two of these in your wardrobe is an easy decision.