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This Softly-Tailored Shirt is Made from a Blend of Cotton, Hemp & Yak Wool

Their native California has provided a source of endless inspiration for the S.F.-based apparel artisans at Taylor Stitch. And it never ceases to amaze, as evidenced by the new California shirt in charcoal herringbone, a true sartorial marvel.

Just as a real tour of the Golden State includes treks across snowy ridges, bone-dry deserts, sun-dappled meadows, and everything in between, the classically-inspired California shirt covers a lot of ground.

In keeping with the "extraordinary geographic diversity" of its namesake, this shirt has been designed to excel in all environments and suit every itinerary to a tee. Softly tailored yet carefully structured, most striking of all is its unique blend of 74% organic cotton, 21% hemp, and 7% yak wool, woven into a classic herringbone pattern giving it a distinctive texture, visual interest, and beautiful "hand".

The overall effect is subtle but impossible to ignore – and you'll never look at plain old cotton shirts the same way again. Pick it up here at a special pre-sale discount.