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This Custom Camo Waxed Cotton Jacket Goes Above and Beyond

Camouflage – love it or not, as a menswear staple, it's here to stay. However the smarter, more sartorially-minded amongst us look for something a little different than the garden-variety military surplus to make a subtle statement. And once again the style gurus at Taylor Stitch have nailed the solution.

Their latest design, the Ojai Jacket in Arid Camo Dry Wax, is one of their best yet. The Ojai is one of their classic jacket silhouettes, and they're constantly coming up with cool new ways to make it even more essential. They call it "obsessively curated" and "absurdly versatile" and that's right on the mark.

For this latest iteration, Taylor Stitch turned to the UK's legendary purveyors of weatherproofed fabrics, Halley Stevensons, to develop a bespoke Arid Camo pattern that's extra cool because it takes a second glance to appreciate. At 9 oz., the 100% organic cotton is the heftiest Ojai yet, which makes it perfect for in between seasons. 

The wax treatment means it can withstand the elements without losing an ounce of sprezzatura. And that's something we should all strive for.