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The Ultimate Guide to Italian Tailoring

Bespoke or bust.

One of the speedbumps to any stylish gent's first foray into the world of Italian tailoring is simply not knowing where to start. But Hugo Jacomet has just solved the problem, for the benefit and enlightenment of us all.

The noted sartorialist has written The Italian Gentleman: The Master Tailors of Italian Men's Fashion, being published by Rizzoli, for which he spent two years traveling the length and breadth of Italy to get the scoop on the country's finest purveyors of bespoke clothing and accessories.

Now available for pre-order on Amazon, it features sumptuous specially commissioned photography by Lyle Robin, examining tailors, shoemakers and more artisans beloved of Italy's style cognoscenti from "the foothills of the Alps to the islands of Sicily."

Included are everything from Renaissance fabric mills to famous brands, family-run businesses and global concerns, each one a model of craftsmanship and attention to the details that define the truly well-dressed man. 

There are over 50 artisans featured in all, so it acts as a complete encyclopedia for anyone looking to add a little sprezzatura to his wardrobe, and allows to start your sartorial excursion from the comfort of your favorite armchair. We'll raise an Aperol spritz to that....