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Taylor Stitch's Super-Soft Rugby Stripe Tee Is Bound to Be Your Best Team Player

When it comes to t-shirts we believe you can't beat a good blue and white stripe. Worn on its own or under a blazer or cardigan, it adds a subtle but important note of dash and verve that says you know how to step up your game without going overboard.

Even better than straight up blue and white is blue and off-white. Extremely hard to find, but well worth the search because it goes beyond the everyday and into pro territory. 

Which of course is what Taylor Stitch is all about. The S.F.-based style gurus have issued a version of their deservedly popular Heavy Bag Tee in a navy and natural rugby stripe that's a total steal at $36. 

It has the vintage surfer vibe that some of the brand's best pieces offer up, designed to be "pulled over salty hair, sunburnt shoulders, and a pair of Birdwell Beach Britches." 

Of course, Taylor Stitch has found a way to make it even better. This tee is made with upcycled and recycled cotton and synthetic yarns, which are shredded and respun, making this the first truly waterless fabric, saving some 1200 gallons of the stuff in the process. 

Feel free to brag about it, in a humble way of course.