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Everlane Adds Atheltic Fit Denim to Their Collection of Essentials

For men with bodies closer to NFL linebackers than male runway models, Everlane's new Atheltic Fit denim collection is for you.

The jeans, cut from 11-ounce Japanese denim, have a roomier fit but certainly not a baggier fit. There's more room to breathe in the thighs and seat but it tapers down the leg for a flattering silhouette, not like something out of 2002 when "bootcut" jeans were all the rage. And like the first run of denim from Everlane, they're made with the environment at top of mind. “The truth is, denim is a dirty business,” says Everlane CEO Michael Preysman. “The industry is notorious for leaching dangerous toxins into the ecosystem. It’s gross. It’s negligent. We had to find a factory that cared.” After a long search, they settled on an eco-friendly factory in Vietnam, which recycles 98% of the water used in the production process. 

And unsurprisingly, as this is Everlane that we're talking about, the price to quality ratio is mind-blowingly awesome: just $68 for a pair.