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This Cool Military-Inspired Jacket is Made of Recycled Nylon

Taylor Stitch doesn't embark upon very many collaborations, but when they do you can be sure it's something worth adding to your wardrobe. Case in point: this new jacket produced in partnership with Alpha Industries

Alpha, founded in Knoxville, Tennessee in the 1950s, has been making jackets for the U.S. military for over half a century, as well as civilian versions that are equally as cool. Field and flight jackets are their specialty, as well as vests. Which brings us to the TS x Alpha Industries ALS/92. The original ALS/92 started life as a purpose-built liner for field jackets so soldiers could "quickly adapt to inconsistent climates in war zones." But the piece's classic wavy quilted finish, distinctive patch pockets, and relaxed cardigan-style neckline quickly led to its being worn on its own. 

Working alongside the team at Alpha Industries, Taylor Stitch has now reimagined the ALS/92 in a cool new color called Raven, using 100% recycled and organic materials. Now it's nothing less than a "rugged, responsibly-built piece of history that you can cherish for years to come."

Lightweight, wind- and water-repellent, it features a 100% recycled nylon shell and lining, recycled polyester fill for insulation, and 100% organic cotton binding and facing. Taylor Stitch also added custom pockets including roomier hand-warmers and a handy new chest pocket. 

You can still use it under a heavier piece if the weather calls for it. But the new ALS/92 doesn't need any help keeping you perfectly comfortable and looking your best.