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6 Good Looking Watches You Can Pick Up For Well Under $1,000

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Rounded up some watches that will make your wrist look good for well under a grand. They're not necessarily the timepieces you'd hand down to your son, but they're a nice stepping stone piece until you're ready for the big leagues.

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Slow Watch With 24 Hour Display: A minimalist watch with only one hand a 24 hour display. Definitely an interesting look that's half modern-inspired, half militray-inspired.

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TSOVET SVT-DW44: This Newport Beach, CA based brand always makes good looking watches, and this particular model is based off of classic and sophisticated dive watches. Really like this one.

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Victorinox 1989 Original Chrono: This is a limited edition reissue of this first watch that Swim Army ever produced. The leather strap is kind of on the clunky side, but the right look can pull it off.

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Lum-Tec x Dispatch M46 Chronograph: Lum-Tec and DSPTC teamed up for this beautifully minimal watch with a really good looking matte black finish.

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South Lane: For just $150, you could do a lot worse than these classic style watches with nylon stapes.

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Braun N0095 Chrono Watch: With a 43mm monocoque case and the classic Braun styling, this is a clean option for any wrist.