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5 Different Luxury Watches You Can Buy For Under $2,000

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Most guys hear the words "watches" and "eBay" in the same sentence and assume it's all just a bunch of cheap knockoffs trying to be passed off as the real thing. But in actuality, eBay has been doing a killer job policing fakes, and 99.999% of what you find on their will be the real deal. Combine that with only buying from sellers with an incredibly positive reputation, and you can find some killer deals on quality timepieces. Here are a handful of full blown luxury watches, from brands you know and love, that you can buy pre-owned and in good condition for under two grand. Sure, it's not as awesome as walking into an authorized dealer and leaving with a brand new watch, but the history of each timepiece and its uniqueness make buying pre-owned (almost) as enjoyable. Oh yeah---and all of the following feature automatic movements, so no batteries powering these bad boys.


Tudor Prince Oysterdate: Tudor is a company owned by Rolex that uses Swiss ETA movements versus in-house made Rolex movements. They're also having a moment now, because as of summer 2013, the've returned to the United States after a 10+ year hiatus. Their Prince Oysterdate model is only 34mm, so it's definitely on the small side, but it can absolutely work if you like the look and/or have small wrists. Looks particularly great paired with an army green NATO band, which makes it look like an upscale version of the J. Crew x Timex military watch you see everywhere. (USED $600 - $1,200)

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Tag Heuer Carrera: With a rich history in racing, Tag Heuer is easily one of the most respected names in the watch game. The Carrera is a simple and elegant automatic watch that's sporty without being too sporty. It also looks great with the standard silver bracket or a leather strap. (USED $1,000 - $1,500)


Omega Speedmaster: James Bond wears Omega watches and this particular model, the Speedmaster, was the first watch worn by an astronaut walking on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Is there more you need to know? (USED $1,300 - $2,000)


Baume & Mercier Classima XL: This watch has a nice and modern 42 mm-diameter steel case with a clear backing so you can see what you're paying for. It's also dressy enough to wear with a suit and tie but casual enough to not look out of place with a tee shirt and jeans. (USED $1,200 - $1,600)


Rolex Air King: Made popular by British RAF pilots back in the 1930's, this is as understated as a Rolex can get. It's not big or flashy, but it will look good with everything and stand the test of time. Plus, with every guy blowing their bonus on the same 'ol black Submariner, this is a refreshing look. (USED $1,900 - $4,600)