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Here are a handful of tips, tricks, and style rules from some of the most respected menswear designers on the planet. Rules are normally meant to be broken, but it's hard to argue with any of the advice on display here.

"The most uninteresting thing for me is when somebody thinks too much about how they put themselves together." - Thom Browne

"Every man needs a good tuxedo – the rental ones are awful." - Christopher Bastin

"The perfect jeans are a combination of fit and wash. The perfect pair should be an extension of your personality; they need to be comfortable, yet stylish enough to dress up or down; and versatile enough to be used as a neutral or the focus piece of an outfit." - Nikolaj Neilsen, Won Hundred

"Men shouldn’t try too hard, or think about what they wear too much. I like when there’s something about a look that throws it off a little – perfection is really imperfect." - Thom Browne

"I hang my jeans. If you open my closet doors, you see lots of them. I've always found hanging my jeans to be better than folding, as I don't want to accidentally see creases in my jeans. Similarly, I think hanging by two belt-loops keeps your jeans in their naturally straightened position and allows them to breathe." - Scott Morrison, 3x1

"When in doubt, black always works." - Carl Cunow, Onia

"Steve McQueen had that great, apparently effortless thing. But he knew what he was doing – he got things altered, he was putting thought into it." - Nick Hart, Spencer Hart

"A good haircut is essential. Beyond that, some grooming products can help you create your style, up to a point. There is such a thing as too much effort, though, sometimes there are some things not worth correcting. A little imperfection is a nice: a bit of sloppy hair or some stubble can be part of your style." - Frank Muytjens, J.Crew

"I think it's great to use fashion to develop your personality and express who you really are." - Johan Lindeberg

"I go sockless all the time. I put Dr. Scholls inserts in my shoes and when they get disgusting, I just throw them out and get a new pair. Richer Poorer has these really thin socks, and I just pull them up halfway and they keep the stink away." - Michael Saiger, Miansai

"Very few things get better with age. But I love old watches. For me, it’s about the hunt." - Christopher Bastin

"A great style item to invest in is a bespoke a midnight blue two piece suit, in a British fresco fabric. Half lined, quite light on, but you can wear it all year round. Midnight blue makes a serious day suit, but you can wear it in the evening. It photographs well, it comes to life better than black. A suit like that you can keep for the rest of your life." - Nick Hart, Spencer Hart

"Just like girls need to learn to be comfortable in heels before they go out in them for the first time, a man should try wearing a suit throughout a normal day. I do most things in a suit—and sometimes even in a tuxedo—and so I'm really comfortable in one." - Tom Ford

"You should buy things that have a little innovation in the fabric. There are suits now that stretch without having spandex in them. Things like that make good pieces." - Orondava Mumford, Alternative Apparel

"Every man needs to own a chambray shirt. I love a chambray shirt. It has a very grounded air about it. It's easy to wear, both casually with a jean – that’s my uniform – or more dressed up with a suit or a vest. It's very adaptable." - Frank Muytjens, J.Crew

"As far as things that have fallen out of popularity, I find that truly classic pieces always stay in style. My tastes have always veered towards that, so I've never found myself in the position where something I really love to wear is no longer fashionable." - Nikolaj Neilsen, Won Hundred

"The thing about people with style is that they know what they look best in. That's the key: whether a guy wears button-downs, sweaters, and ties, or whether a guy wears T-shirts and jeans, it's personal style, you have to own it, and if you can do that you're in good shape." - Scott Morrison, 3x1

"I believe that people should find their own style: I don’t think there are any rules. Certain people with fantastic personal style can pull off anything." - Nick Hart, Spencer Hart

"Right now, it feels OK for men to be vain again, and they’re getting their own style together. In the 80s it was fine and then in the 90s you had everyone looking all dirty and scruffy, so I really like that guys are paying attention to details. There’s not so much “peacocking” anymore. It’s more composed and thought out." - Christopher Bastin

"Style is more than just the clothes you wear and the way you wear them. It's about the way you walk, the way you shake hands, and the way you compose yourself." - Oliver Spencer

"Every man needs a classic white shirt, a great leather jacket and a pair of jeans that fit perfectly." - Nikolaj Neilsen, Won Hundred

"If guys step back and are just honest about what they think looks good on them, it’s really hard to lose. You can spot guys who take on personas that are not theirs." - Michael Bastian

"Accessories are important. When I meet someone, the first thing I do is look at his shoes and watch – a nice example of either can rescue any outfit. Pocket squares are something I really love too." - Christopher Bastin

"There are a few essential basics for every man: a white button up, a blue chambray shirt, rigid denim, and a suit—preferably navy." - Orondava Mumford, Alternative Apparel

"Buy products of genuine lasting value from brands that take their manufacturing seriously. I have things that are 75 years old, like the dinner suit of my grandfather's that was made in 1933 by a tailor in Edinburgh. Clothes develop stories. You can remember where you've been through clothing that you've worn. I want products that are going to endure. I hate that we buy things that are disposable. We need to buy products with integrity." - Patrick Grant

"Every man should own a navy cashmere jacket with gold buttons, a grey suit, black shoes shoes for the city, brown shoes for elsewhere. Everything else should be simple and really well made." - Thom Browne

"It all starts with fit. Many guys go one size larger. Whether it's to believe they can wear it or because they want some room to dance, I always try to convince them to go for their true size: usually one size smaller. They're regularly amazed at how well it fits them. Fit is hugely important: it impacts on your mood, even your posture – and in turn your confidence." - Frank Muytjens, J.Crew