How to look cool 101.

When it comes to stylish movies, these fifteen are just on another level. From the demeanor to the clothes to the mood--these get it most right.

15.) Wall Street 

Power suits and power ties are loaded in this movie about a young and impatient stockbroker who is willing to do anything to get to the top.

14.) Crazy, Stupid, Love

When people think of "stylish Ryan Gosling" movies they think of Drive almost instantly. But Crazy, Stupid, Love was the flick where he really showed how to look like the man.

13.) The Aviator 

Old school looks shine in this fantastic biopic about legendary director and aviator Howard Hughes.

12.) Ocean's 11

The new version gets a lot of praise, but the original, with Frank Sinatra in the gang, is the one that's really unmatched.

11.) Beverly Hills Cop

Pure 80's cool in this excellent action comedy. You're not going to be blowing away Tom Ford or Ralph Lauren with any of the looks here, but Eddie Murphy pulled off the varsity jackets, washed jeans, and sneakers like nobody else could during that era.

10.) American Psycho

There isn't a dude on the planet who wasn't at least a little jealous of Patrick Bateman's apartment and wardrobe after seeing this movie.

9.) The Fantastic Mr. Fox

From the old school pajamas to the tweed jackets, this film gets everything right style wise--even if it's on puppet animals.

8.) The Great Gatsby 

The Leonardo DiCaprio take was interesting, but it's all about Robert Redford and the charming original. 

7.) Casablanca

Nobody can pull off a white tuxedo jacket like Humphrey Bogart in this movie.

6.) The Rum Diary

From the car to the girl to the sunglasses--Johnny Depp is next level cool in this flick.

5.) Rebel Without A Cause

A classic for many reasons, James Dean's iconic style in this movie can still be pulled off exactly the same way many years later. It has aged like a fine wine.

4.) American Gigalo

Richard Gere’s Beverly Hills prostitute in American Gigolo defines the best kind of 80's style in every way.

3.) Thunderball

There are many fantastic James Bond movies, all of which are very stylish, but Thunderball is the top dog with 007 showing how to do "summer vacation" the right way.

2.) The Thomas Crown Affair

A debonair and adventuresome Steve McQueen being one of the coolest guys to ever appear on screen.

1.) The Talented Mr. Ripley

Jude Law's character in this film just bled cool, with navy blazers, perfect swim trunks, and the right kind of confidence. There hasn't been another movie made that could compete with this.