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12 Style Moves We Hope Will Die Soon

Don't be the chump who jumps from trend to trend to trend faster than Usain Bolt in a competitive race. Classic and timeless with slight touches of modernism is almost always the way to go, so we're hoping to see these trends die by the end of the year... Also--fully aware that we are 20-somethings trapped in the bodies of grumpy old men.

The Man Bun: When an ultra-handsome dude like Jared Leto or Chris Hemsworth does the whole man bun thing, women will go gaga over it. But that's not BECAUSE of the man bun, that's because those guys are just unusually good looking and could probably appear relatively cool in a purple mohawk and matching Osh Kosh Bigosh overalls. Throwing a ratty man bun on some average or below average looking dude? Only hurting your cause, man.

Gigantic Watches: It seems like every other man with limited taste is sporting a humungous and cheap 50mm watch that would look oversized on Arnold Schwarzenegger's wrists. Slim it down. Anywhere from 36mm to 42mm is the sweet spot.

Choker Necklace: Those choker necklaces girls would get out of the 25 cent machines at grocery stores are apparently back. We wish they weren't.

Super Tall T-Shirts: Wasn't cool when Nelly was doing it back in 2004, isn't cool now.

Bell-Bottom Jeans: Some girls started rocking these again in 2014 and looked like they were heading to a disco or cosplaying as the red head from Scooby Doo 100% of the time.

Bleached Blonde Hair: A good life rule is to always do the opposite of whatever Justin Bieber does.

The Weird Mesh Stuff: It's mentally impossible for us to imagine people thinking this looks good.

The Bro Tank: Yes, there are still people wearing this, especially on the West Coast in the USA. Yes, we'll continue to write about it until they're as foreign as those old man wigs dudes wore back in the George Washington days.

Very Dark Lipstick: All the "in vogue" girls sporting this right now are going to look back at photos of themselves in two years and see nothing but "Hot Topic employee."

Thermal Pants Under Shorts: Too cold for shorts but don't have any clean pants? Buy more pants.

Leaving The Sticker On Baseball Caps: The most authentic way to wear a ball cap is without the authentic sticker on it.

Drop Crotch Sweatpants With Attached Skirt Thing: FASHION.