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12 Grooming Techniques That Will Make You More Handsome

Simple steps.

Here's a few tips and tricks that will up your handsomeness quickly and easily.

1.) Spray Cologne the Right Way 

Don't directly spray cologne on your clothes or body unless you want everyone to think you're a 13 year old with his first bottle of AXE. The best way to apply cologne is give one squirt to each wrist followed by a dabbing of your neck.

2.) Face Moisturizer is Key

After your shave and shower, apply a generous amount of face moisturizing to your face. It will keep your skin looking brighter and younger. We've tried a whole bunch of different ones but keep going back to Kiehl's Facial Fuel. Once you try it, you'll become addicted.

3.) Keep a Fresh Rotation of Sheets and Towels

Keep your sheets and towels as clean and possible and try washing them once a week. They're collecting bacteria and dirt like crazy and it can lead to some serious skin irritation.

4.)  Go Easy On the Eyebrows

Don't go nuts with the eyebrow plucking and never try messing with the shape. You see too many guys now-a-days with over-manicured eyebrows and it looks terrible. Just stick with the stuff in unibrow territory and don't get too crazy with it. The more natural it looks, the better you'll look.

5.) Attack Razor Burn

If shaving leaves major razor burn and you've been using fresh blades and all the right tools, either switch over to an electric razor or buy special cream that helps reduce the irritation. Nothing is worse than shaving zits all over your neck.

6.) You Probably Need to Trim Your Nose Hair

Don't stick safety scissors into your nose to get rid of any unwanted hairs or go through the uncomfortable act of  plucking them out with tweezers. Just use a battery-powerd nose trimmer to get the job done quickly and easily.

7.) White Teeth are Crucial

Put a serious focus on getting your teeth ultra-white and keeping them that way. Snag a professional teeth whitening service on Groupon for cheap and maintain it with whitening strips and whitening toothpaste. It's a serious confident booster that makes you look twice as good in photos.

8.) Keep Your Hair Thicker

You don't have to be George Costanza or Wayne Rooney to use a thickening shampoo. Upgrading to this from a standard version is a simple way to add some volume to your head of hair.

9.) Put Body Lotion on Each AM

It makes you feel better and look healthier.

10.) Learn From Your Barber

Can never get your hair to look as good as when your barber does it even though you're using the same product? Ask him or her to explain–slowly–their technique. 

11.) Keep Eyedrops Handy 

Eyes are something a lot of dudes overlook. Make sure to use eye drops regularly and you'll notice how much more fresh and healthy you stare will be.

12.) Keep Your Feet From Looking Gross 

Don't spend time feeling uncomfortable at a nail salon to get your feet out of an ape-like state. Just put a focus on it every once in a while at home to get rid of that unwanted callused skin. This callous remover plus some heavy duty lotion will leave you feeling refreshed and confident without socks on.