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10 Tips For The Perfect Summer

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Now that Memorial Day has passed, summer is about to be at full force. From the right swim trunks to the right playlist, here's all you need to make the best of it.

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The Right Sunglasses: You can't go wrong with a pair of Wayfarer's and this look in brown is a little less "Blues Brothers," little more "JFK."

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The Right Pair Of Swim Trunks: Onia basically makes the best swim trunks on the planet and their 7.5" cut is not too short and not too long. It also looks great in "lifeguard red."

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The Right Shoes: Ditch the flip flops and don't fall victim of the Birkenstock trend, just go with a simple slip on like this bad boy from Sperry and J.Crew.


The Right Getaway Spot: Every good summer isn't complete without a little vaycay. The La Banane Hotel in St. Barts is particularly nice this time of year...


The Right Summer Crush: Following Natasha Oakley on Instagram is highly rec'd. From the beach and bikini photos to the travel shots, there's a lot of summer goodness to take in.

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The Right Book: Written by a former GQ editor and filled with surf, drama, drugs, big money, and sexcapades, it's a warm weather page turner that's hard to put down.

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The Right Netflix Binge:Terriers is a sunny and funny drama that only had one season, so you just have 13 episodes to take on. It's about two private detectives in the San Diego area who get in over there heads and it's truly one of the best single seasons of TV ever.


The Right Car: Whether you're heading to the beach or the mountains, there isn't a better looking ride than a topless Defender from Land Rover.


The Right Summer Playlist: Here's a few jams curated by actor/musician Miles Fisher that's described as “luxurious grooves and daytime disco combined with clever cocktails, single-digit SPFs, and beautiful people for sophisticated summer revelry.”


The Right Cocktail: Scotch isn't going to cut it when poolside and beer will just make you look and feel bloated when you have your shirt off. The best option? A variant on the margarita. Pour tequila over ice, add some Pellegrino sparkling water and top it all off with a whole bunch of fresh squeezed lime juice. No alcohol is good for you, but as far as cocktails go, this is one of the safer options.