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10 Things No Self Respecting Man Should Be For Halloween This Year

Please don't.

Alright, gentlemen. Halloween is coming in hot. Whether you're going to an Animal House style college party, your local bar, or a (relatively) laid back "at-home" get together, now is the time to have your costume sorted so you're not running around from strip mall pop-up to Target looking for a decent option at the last second. There are plenty of good ones, but here are a few to avoid at all costs.

1.) Peanut Butter & Jelly Costume (With Signifiant Other)

This costume is reserved for the couples that high five each other when leaving for work in the AM instead of kiss.

2.) Cecil The Lion Killer

Please don't be that guy.

3.) Genie In The Lamp

After some light research, this costume has been CONSTANTLY in the top 20 list for most Halloween-costume-slinging e-shops. We could trash this for 5,000 words, but saying no to this should be pretty self-explanatory. 

4.) Banana Deluxe Costume

There isn't a Halloween party on the planet where there isn't a joker sporting this getup. It's the "sexy cat" for guys-who-think-they're-funny-but-aren't.

5.) Beer Man Costume

Nothing says "probably has a drinking problem" like wearing this.

6.) Big Foot

The dude who pays $50 to perform 15 minutes at the local Improv Comedy Club wears this thing to the party.

7.) Snake Charmer

If you think this will "entice the ladies" at a Halloween party you are mentally broken.

8.) Inflatable Ballerina

What are you even trying to pull here? Humor? Statement? Just avoid like the plague, please.

9.) Donald Trump

You and about 18,000 other people, pal.

10.) Borat Mankini Costume

Every year, you think this costume is going to die. Every year, there's at least ONE overly confident and tasteless dude who thinks he's a gift to women wearing this thing.