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12 Habits Every Stylish Man Has

Well, *almost* every stylish man.
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Here's a few tips and tricks we've noticed the most stylish men of all time roll with. From McQueen to Newman to Gosling, you don't see these type of icons swerving from the following much. This isn't The Style Bible and there are certainly exceptions, so take each with a slight grain of salt.

1.) They Spend The Most Money On Shoes

A $600 pair will last you 10 years, a $100 pair won't even last you a year. Plus, ask any woman what piece of clothing they notice first--95% of 'em will say "shoes" without hesitation.

2.) They See Their Tailor Regularly

Ditch the "throw in" suit tailoring department stores provide and take it to a dedicated place that will go well out of their way to make it perfect. It'll be worth every dime--an $800 suit can look like a $5,000 suit with proper tailoring and a $2,000 suit off the rack can look like something from Joseph A. Bank without alteration. Denim, chinos, polos--nothing is off limits. If you want it perfect, have it fit to your body. It's the easiest way to look like you just walked off a page of a magazine or catalog.

3.) They Take Excellent Care Of Their Clothes 

They roll with shoe trees, decent hangers, and always take the best of the best to the dry cleaning to get properly cleaned. They also don't just throw their entire dirty hamper into the washer/dryer on high or let clothes sit half folded in their closet. They realize when investing in your wardrobe, you have to take care of it to get the most out of it.

4.) They Never Mess With "Flair"

They realize that the colorful bowtie or aggressive pocket square doesn't add any "swagger" to your look. It just makes you look like a try-hard.

Those drapey Rick Owens tee shirts and  vigorous jogger pants will just make you hate yourself in a few years when you look back at photos and think "that's so 2015." Stick with the classics.

6.) They Never Underdress

They don't show up to every event in a tuxedo, but they always opt to overdress in an unsure situation, not underdress. A blazer is their best friend.

7.) They Never Wear Cheap Sunglasses

Nothing can take a decent look feel like a strikeout like a cheap pair of plastic sunglasses or obvious knockoffs. Stylish guys don't own two dozen pairs, they just get one or two good ones and don't lose 'em.

8.) They Go For The Subtle Tie Knot

The "Trinity Knot," "Half Windsor," "Power Knot," or essentially anything that isn't a simple Four-In-Hand is for chumps and SportsCenter anchors.

9.) They Go Understated And Minimal When It Comes To Jewelry

You'd be hard pressed to find a photo of Frank Sinatra with a necklace or bracelet. Most of the trendy looks go the way of the puka shell and dog tag necklaces--in the "embarrassing memory bin." Stylish guys stick with an elegant watch and a simple gold or silver wedding ring that's between 4.5mm-6mm.

10.) They Never Have A Funky Haircut

They don't take picture of a Premier League player to their barber and say "give me that." Go with simple and classic. There's a reason men haven't rocked man-buns throughout history. 

11.) They Stick To Their Guns

Just because a magazine or website (even this one) says one thing, doesn't mean you have to listen. Stylish guys like what they like and wear what they feel most confident in, they don't get dressed based on what they see on the runway, in the back of a print magazine, or in a website slideshow. But they also don't aggressively change their look every other year.

12.) They Don't Give A Damn

The most stylish guys in the world aren't even trying to be that stylish. They just...are. Once a man gets the confidence, the essentials, and his own personal point of view--the rest comes easy to him.