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Relationship Tips From Couples Who've Dated For 40+ Years

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You know those retired couples who always seem madly in love? Even after all those years? After interviewing a handful of 'em, they let us in on a few secrets.

-- Hold hands as often as you can.

-- When watching TV or a movie together, always be touching. Never have "your chair."

-- When fighting or expressing your concerns about something, always remind your partner that you love them.

-- Always say thank you, never come to expect anything.

-- Give each other shoulder massages a few times a week. Never ask, expect, or feel obligated, just do.

-- Don't be afraid to be the one who loves the most. If anything, compete.

-- Never try to buy affection, but that doesn't mean thoughtful gifts should be unwelcome.

-- Don't use kids and their schedules as an excuse for spending less time together. There's always a way to make significant time for each other.

-- Never stop going on dates. In fact, take turns planning "big" dates once a month that go above and behind your average dinner and a movie.

-- Kick the TV out of the bedroom. It's amazing how un-sexy watching Late Night in bed can be.

-- If someone comes clean and admits a mistake, assuming it's pretty minor, forgive them. Holding a grudge or letting a storm cloud hang over a relationship is most often a mistake.

-- Always be thinking of small things you can do for your significant other that go a long ways, like leaving a note on her windshield before she goes to work, or cooking his favorite meal after he landed a big client.

-- No one ever gets tired of hearing compliments.

-- Never talk about yourself until you've asked about them.

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