5 Fashion Photographers You Should Be Following on Instagram

For a daily dose of beautiful images.
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Upgrade your Instagram feed with these top Instagram fashion photographers. Your eyes will thank you.

1.) Neave Bozorgi

Los Angeles based Neave Bozorgi takes mesmerizing dark and seductive photos that are uniquely his own. While a lot of Los Angeles models are normally set in a bikini on a beach, Neave manages to break from these stereotypes while still incorporating the diverse nature of California.

2.) Paul De Luna

New York based photographer Paul De Luna has a great signature feel to his work while continuing to reinvent himself and push his personal boundaries. Keep an eye out for his film projects and raw portrait series. 

3.) Shaun Guckian

Known for his dreamy ethereal portraits, Shaun Guckian has recently relocated from Los Angeels to London. We look forward to seeing his new work across the pond. 

4.) David Bellemere

David Bellemere has an impressive resume ranging from Vogue  to brands like GUESS, Hermes, and Chanel. His work is wonderful and his Instagram feed is nothing short of the most beautiful women in the world. 

5.) Kesler Tran

Los Angeles based Kesler Tran takes uniquely captivating images. His use of color and technique is cutting edge, always figuring out ways to take his work to new heights.