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10 Most Sex-Happy Cities In America

Is your town on the list?

Based on hard hitting scientific data from condom sales, STD's, sex toy sales, and birth rates, the folks over at Men's Health determined the ten most sex-happy cities in the USA. Pretty interesting list.

Most Sex-Happy Cities:

10.) Houston, TX
9.) Bakersfield, CA
8.) Oklahoma City, OK
7.) Arlington, TX
6.) Indianapolis, IN
5.) Denver, CO
4.) Durham, NC
3.) Columbus, OH
2.) Dallas, TX
1.) Austin, TX

Least Sex-Happy Cities:

10. Billings, MT
9. Reno, NV
8. Buffalo, NY
7. Hartford, CT
6. St. Petersburg, FL
5. Manchester, NH
4. Charleston, WV
3. Yonkers, NY
2. Burlington, VT
1. Portland, ME