10 Most Sex-Happy Cities In America

Is your town on the list?
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Based on hard hitting scientific data from condom sales, STD's, sex toy sales, and birth rates, the folks over at Men's Health determined the ten most sex-happy cities in the USA. Pretty interesting list.

Most Sex-Happy Cities:

10.) Houston, TX
9.) Bakersfield, CA
8.) Oklahoma City, OK
7.) Arlington, TX
6.) Indianapolis, IN
5.) Denver, CO
4.) Durham, NC
3.) Columbus, OH
2.) Dallas, TX
1.) Austin, TX

Least Sex-Happy Cities:

10. Billings, MT
9. Reno, NV
8. Buffalo, NY
7. Hartford, CT
6. St. Petersburg, FL
5. Manchester, NH
4. Charleston, WV
3. Yonkers, NY
2. Burlington, VT
1. Portland, ME