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Upgrading Your Nightstand

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It’s time to change up your nightstand and make it a little more streamlined. We’re here to help.

Koncept LED Table Lamp - These LED lamps (we prefer silver) are easily adjustable, long lasting and good looking. All traits that are appreciated by women in the bedroom.

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Braun Alarm Clock Whatever you do… keep your phone out of the bedroom. We recommend letting it charge in your kitchen overnight. The buzzing notifications every time TicketMaster sends you an email at three in the morning or Facebook informing you that you’ve been invited to some party you have no intention of attending gets in the way of your sleep in major ways. This simple and elegant alarm clock from Braun tells you the time, has a built in alarm and looks great. Not much more you can ask for and absolutely nothing more than you need.


Leather Drawer Valet - As dudes we are biologically programed to empty out our pockets the second we get home. Instead of throwing your wallet, chapstick, keys, watch, cufflinks and more on your nightstand, keep it all organized and out of sight with a leather valet inside your top drawer. Just make sure not to let it fill with junk.


Glass Filled With Ice - This tip is especially useful after a long night of drinking, but going to bed with a glass full of ice means waking up to ice cold water the next morning.


iPad Mini - This is only for the guys who like to read a book or watch Netflix before bed. Make sure you turn it all the way off (not just to “sleep”) and put it in your drawer before you hit the hay, though.


That’s it. Clean and simple is a relaxing way to live. [Photo]