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Transform Your TV Experience With DISH Hopper

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Chances are, you're probably not running out to purchase a new TV soon, but that doesn't mean you aren't on the hunt for new gear to compliment it. If you're sick of your run-of-the-mill cable company and want something that actually looks good with features you won't find anywhere else, look no further than the DISH Hopper. This is without question the holy grail of DVR's. Here's why...

-- Want to watch television on-the-go via your computer, tablet or smartphone? No problem. All of your live channels, everything on your DVR, and thousands of On Demand titles are available through the free to download and easy to use app. The best part actually works. Well. You can even transfer things in your DVR to your devices for offline viewing in case you're stuck without internet connection.

-- There isn't a television user-interface that's perfect, but compared to the other outdated options provided by their competitors, this thing feels like it was designed by Apple's Jony Ive.

-- Lost your remote? Just press a button on the set top box and your remote will start beeping until you can find it.

-- Their "PrimeTime Anytime" feature means that everything on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC is automatically downloaded and held on your DVR for up to 8 days. So if you wanted to catch that episode of Modern Family but forgot to hit "record", it will be waiting for you with commercials set to auto-skip.

-- For those with a big household, you'll know how busy the TV recording schedule can get, especially when your significant other is taking up two hour chunks whenever an episode of The Bachelor or Dancing With The Stars is on. DISH Hopper let's you record up to six shows at once, so you should never have a problem with over-scheduling again.

-- Finally, the DISH Hopper packs a 2 TB hard drive, so you can save up to 2,000 hours of television without ever having to hit "delete". You'll be able to store seasons and seasons of your favorite show on this thing without ever having a problem.

Head here for information on how to sign up. They'll even throw in a free iPad 2 for no apparent reason. Yes, really.