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About a week ago, Tim Ferriss sent out the first chapter of his new book, Tribe of Mentors.

The short read came out in his weekly “Five Bullet Friday” email, along with what he’s watching (Korean breakdancing), what he’s reading ($600 brain reboot), and a favorite new quote by Jalauddin Rumi.

When Ferriss realized that he hadn’t really made any plans past the age of 40, he decided to round up an impossible list of mentors for advice.

To answer the difficult questions like “Were my goals my own, or simply what I thought I should want?,” he was going to need to some help.

After some self-prescribed over-analyzing, Ferriss came up with the idea to focus on one thing: “What would this look like if it were easy?”

Not surprisingly, this question has been on the podcast more than once. In fact, it seems to be a staple in Ferriss’ career. It’s the type of question that calms down even the most worrisome planner.

It’s certainly a question within the pages of The Four-Hour Workweek and The Four-Hour Body.

  • How can I make a salary while traveling the world and working minimal hours?
  • How can I get in incredible shape in the shortest amount of time?
  • What if these goals were easy?

For the author, this meant a method of drop-shipping products in the health field, and intense training on a minimal level, four-hours per month.

The new book is set to come out on November 21, so we only have this sample for now. However, if you’re looking for “Short Life Advice” from the mentors of the ultimate mentor, look no further.

After all, as Tim Ferriss confirms, “Pain is never out of season if you go shopping for it,” so the difficult route is always a secondary option.