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The James Bond Guide to Google Now + Google Voice Search

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Almost every gentlemen is a little bit obsessed with all things James Bond. They've seen plenty of the movies, can quote many of the lines, and eagerly look forward to the next film installment like a teenage girl does the Twilight series. And for good reason. 007 is a man who has it all: charm, wit, women, cars, and gadgets. Though most of the things are obtainable from either a monetary or personality standpoint, the gadgets have always been the hardest thing to realistically acquire. Mostly because they've never actually existed.

But now it's 2013, and technology is finally catching up to special agent territory. Here's a quick guide on a few things Google Voice Search and Google Now can do to take you to the double O level.

Contact ASAP: No more fumbling to open your email on the phone, finding the right contact and typing the message on the small screen. Tap the mic and say “Send email to Q: Need another wrist-mounted dart gun. Mine's jammed.”

Make it shaken, not stirred: Don’t know how to make the "true" James Bond martini? Just tap the mic button on your Google app and ask -- you’ll get the ingredients and recipe.

(Fact: it’s called a Vesper Martini)

Don’t forget anything: A quick “Note to self: retrieve baccarat winnings” on your Android device and you’ll get an email to your Gmail account with your transcribed message and voice recording of the reminder.

Beat traffic: No more excuses for being late to briefings with M. Google Now on your Android device can remind you when it’s time to get going, even taking traffic into account. Unfortunately, it doesn't account for obstacles planted by a criminal mastermind. Maybe in 2014.

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