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The Offline-Centric Dating App You Need in Your Life

Looking to upgrade your dating game? The Inner Circle should be your go-to place for finding the right person to fall madly in love with, because not only do they tirelessly verify every new user through a manual process (no swindlers or outdated, dishonest profile photos here), but they do everything they can to get you off the phone and meeting IRL.

The app, which was started in Amsterdam but now operates globally, has made a serious mark in the dating world because of their unique offline focus. They host singles events in cities all over the world, from pop-up festivals to house parties and even masterclasses, they know just how to get singles mixing and mingling. What’s also great is that members are now able to host their own events. This is all part of the new Inner Circle motive to do all they can to get singles meeting face to face, just like the good old days.

And it also has an in-app "Spots" feature (our favorite), which spotlights both a member-curated list of tried and true date locations and the ability to "match" with other like-minded stunners who frequent your favorite restaurants and watering holes. It makes meeting in real life so much easier if you know you both have the same local bar in common.

With so many different apps available, it’s refreshing to come across one that’s taking a whole new approach to dating. If you think it's time to mix things up, sign up free here and let sparks fly.