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We Found a Dating App With an Actual Waiting List—This Is Why

Ah yes, another dating app.

But how does this one separate itself from the pack?

In quite a few ways, actually.

The Inner Circle is taking the opposite approach to regular dating apps by trying to get you off your phone as soon as possible. They use IRL tips like hotspots and travel features and even host posh monthly events for users that range from extravagant rooftop parties to after work cocktails at stylish venues around the world. Gone are the days of awkward speed dating at weird backroom bars, as these feel more like an exclusive party than a dating event, allowing the perfect blend between meeting someone in real life and through an app.

The Inner Circle also provides pretty much has all the benefits of other popular dating apps, like swiping around (Tinder), location search (Happn), selectivity (Once), while offering a more straightforward way to connect with someone – just writing them a message – instead of waiting for a match after thousands of swipes or likes.

But our absolute favorite feature? Fewer randoms. The app takes advantage of a specially designed screening process to maintain an inspiring network of singles who get it. It's not for everyone and that's the point.

If you’re looking to meet other singles on the level, sign up free here and see what it has to offer.