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Take Your Accessories to the Big Leagues

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There’s a time and a place where every man decides it's time to up their accessories game. Here are a few hand-picked favorites that will boost your style to the big leagues.

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The Leather Card Holder: In the card and cash carrying department, grown men need to be without three things: the George Costanza-style wallet that's six inches tall, anything that's made with nylon and velcro, and anything that has a flashy pattern of its logo all over it. A simple and non obtrusive card holder is your best bet, like this one from designer Jil Sander. It's made in Italy and has such subtle branding, you'll hardly even notice it.

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The Classic Aviator Sunglasses: A sturdy pair of aviator-style glasses is something that will never go out of style. We're fans of this pair from Thom Browne, they somehow manage to be both vintage-inspired and completely contemporary. The all-black, no chrome look is an easy to pass over detail, but one that will set them apart from most of the shades lined up on department store shelves.


iPhone Case: The simple fact that you're never without your phone means it's as much of an accessory as anything else listed here. Outfit your iPhone with a proper case, preferably one that's sans plastic and with more personality than your run-of-the-mill options, and you'll be in good shape. We're fans of this red leather take by Porter.


The Right Watch: A solid time piece is a must-have, but many people hold off from buying ANY watch until they can acquire their be-all-end-all Rolex or Omega. Instead, try to pick up a quality and reasonably priced alternative to hold you over. We're fans of the simple and elegant watches Miansai makes and suggest it as the perfect "in between" time piece. This one has a black leather band, making it just as appropriate to wear with a suit and tie as it would be with a tee shirt and jeans---A.K.A., you'll a lot of miles out of it.


The Perfect Pair of Cufflinks: We like these from Thom Brown. They have his signature colors, which are a brand without spelling out a brand, and are crafted from sterling silver.

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