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Swissvoice L7: The New Benchmark For Home Telephone Design

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Swissvoice L7 telephone colours £99

In 2013, you're seeing less and less landline phones simply due to the face that almost everyone is on mobile. But for those in an office or with very poor cell reception in their home, something like this is a must-own. Not only does it look 100x better than anything else you could possibly purchase with the same basic functions, they included a speakerphone in both the handset and the base station, meaning calls can be taken even when the handset is out of reach. Additionally, it features a push-to-talk intercom system that permits the handset and base station to function like walkie-talkies, which is perfect for large homes to avoid shouting. Buy here.

Swissvoice L7 telephone £99

Swissvoice L7 telephone code white £99

Swissvoice L7 telephone code white 02 £99